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The firm offers assurance services to a diverse clientele. Clients acknowledge the quality of services offered by SPARK and hence recommend the name of the firm to other clients also. This trust is the major motivator & contributor to our growth and service quality.

We follow a set pattern of service delivery to each client which is well documented. Process and documentation is the key to the quality of service. We intend to follow a manual for every assignment and the same is designed on the basis of:

  • a. The needs of the Client
  • b. The scope of work
  • c. The statutory requirements
  • d. The level risk involved in the assignment
  • e. Specific matters generating during the course of assignment

While assurance offers a routine check to the organizational functions, we take utmost care in doing the same as this function acts as a reflection of the state of affairs of the organizations to stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. This make the function very important and we take utmost care in doing our best to carry out the function to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Statutory Audit

These are Financial Audits governed under the statute binding on the legal or financial status of the organization. Statutory Audit is a requirement and is conducted under the aegis of a defined regulatory framework. The audit requires checking and verification process of the different activities of the organization under audit on various parameters like Financial Discipline, Regulatory Compliance, and protection of Stakeholder Interest etc.

At SPARK, we make sure that the assignment is completed with utmost concern to the various aspects of the statutory and financial compliance. The team goes through a detailed check list for the conduct of the Audit to make the process even more standardized.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is a process made to protect the interest of various stakeholders. Although sometimes, Internal Audit is governed by a statute also but most of the times it is done to check the compliance of the functioning and improvement Internal Control Systems and procedures. Generally the Internal Audit process goes along with the routine functioning of the organization. It is blended with the routine operations of the organization and is a regular function.

However, the exact scope and functioning of the Internal Audit is decided in consultation with the requirements of the client. This process inculcates a detailed review of the functioning of the organization and its routine procedures in accordance with the organizational policies framed for the purpose.

At SPARK, emphasis is given to the interest of the stakeholders and the scope behind carrying out the audit. We prepare a detailed manual of the assignment for executing the work.

Management Audit

Management Audit is that wing of Audit which specifically deals with the executive decisions and their impact on the overall functioning of the organization. Management audit studies the impact of the decisions taken by the managerial staff which have a strategic importance. The decisions can be analyzed after the decision has already been taken for its after effects.In other cases, the analysis can be done as a forethought to judge the impact of the decision on the future of the organization.

This is a very sensitive measure and is taken up only by the experienced employees of SPARK under the direct supervision of the partners.

Compliance Audit

There are a number of compliances which are taken up by organizations under various statutes. These compliances form part of the regulatory framework mandated upon the organizations. Since the compliances have grown in number and are required under different statutes, a number of organizations delegate the responsibility to professional firms having expertise and knowledge in the domain.

SPARK is committed to providing quality services and provides complete solutions to clients in the area. We even give our clients periodic reminders for the dates of compliance in sufficient time so that the clients can adhere to the timelines.

Government Audit

A number of Government bodies and organizations undergo Audit. A lot of these are audits are done to ascertain the justifiable utilization of the welfare funds spent by Government Agencies. These audits are conducted at a vast expanse of a diversified geography and the same requires an extensive knowledge of the Government schemes and functioning. It is the responsibility of the Auditor in this case to conduct the assignment with utmost transparency and accuracy.

At SPARK, we have developed a deep understanding of the work to be done over our years of experience with similar assignments. We have successfully completed a number of such assignments and are still performing a number of them.

Bank Audit

Banking forms the spine of the financial system of any country. Banks play a very important part in the same. More or less, all the money flows through Banks. This ranges from the huge corporate funds and small individual savings. The audit of Banks is mandated by the Reserve Bank of India through its regulatory framework. The audit of Banks (both Statutory Audit & Concurrent Audit) support the system of Banking and act as a fact finding mechanism under the financial domain. Through audits it is ensured that the system is functioning in consonance with the goals and the functions of internal controls and internal policies of the management.

At SPARK, we follow a rigorous regime of training the staff before they go out to assignments and also keep the staff updated with the latest developments in the field.

Stock Audit

Stock Audits form an integral part of the financial system and liquid credits. With the function of stock audit in place, it becomes easy to ascertain the assets under business and to secure better financial position in front of the funding institution. Also, the system of stock audit helps as a tool to effectively analyze the position of the assets kept at different locations. The management is able to analyze and strategize with the actual position of the assets under possession.

SPARK has developed a specified system of conducting stock audits and train the staff accordingly to deliver the accurate results as per specific requirements of the clients.