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Consultancy involves addressing the needs of clients on various matters related to business. This may involve areas like the legal structure of the organization

Business Formation-Organization Form & Structure

We provide consultancy services to the clients beginning from the formation of business and the suitable format of organization apt to the needs of the business. These services include the consultancy on the form of organization keeping in mind the scale and scope of increment in the business.

Certifications & Registrations

A business needs various certifications and registration which, being a novice, a businessman may not know. We provide consultancy in this area to small businessmen as well as big corporates and even to e commerce vendors.

Advisory on Business Takeovers, Mergers & Division Decisions

All the business may not run with the same scale always. Sometimes, the businesses may expand inorganically through mergers or takeovers and may even restructure to get a better shape. Sometimes, the business may split to different divisions or for various other reasons. This needs an expert advise both in legal and financial matters. At SPARK, we have dealt with so many such cases at various times.

Valuation-Brand, Company & Stock Valuation

A number of times a firm faces the position in which it has to go for the evaluation of one of its product Brands, or sometimes the whole firm itself. These situations arise because of various reasons including fresh investment requirement, sale of an existing Brand or firm or a part of it or for partition or integration of business. For similar cases, a valuation of stock is also required. We provide expert consultancy on the matters pertaining to Brand, Company & Stock Valuation.


In a number of cases including decisions of mutual consent and that for disputes, a third party is needed to solve the case and to give a fair and transparent opinion on the legal matters pertaining to the case. We provide expert services of arbitration in the matters related to Family Disputes, Business Disputes and other such matters as required.