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We have Cost Accountants on board with the help of which we provide exclusive services in the area of cost accountancy. The same can be listed as:

Preparation & Maintenance of Cost Accounts & Records

We provide the services of preparation and maintenance of Cost Accounts and Records based on the principles laid down for the purpose by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. The same is done both on a yearly and perpetual basis.

Implementation of Cost Accounting System

We provide the clients with the services of the implementation of Cost Accounting System commensurate with the guidelines issued in this regard. A Cost Accounting system implies the recording of each and every component of the production and the associated activities which are considered for the determination of the Cost of the Product or service. Such a system, when implemented, shall deliver the cost of a product or service on a continuous basis.

Regenerating the Books of Accounts

: In a number of cases, the accounts gets washed away due to a physical accident (in case of manual accounts) and due to a system error (in case of computerized accounting system). This leaves that businessmen clueless about the whole performance of business. We provide the services of regeneration of accounts on the basis of records and the physical data.

Product Cost determination & Unit Price Calculations

A major concern of the industry these days is to calculate the Unit Cost so that they can assess their profitability at given point of time without waiting for the year to complete. Also, the determination of cost plays a major role in the assessment of the profitability of different products and the product mix that is to be produced to attain maximum profitability. We provide these services to the clients to make then able to judge the best scenario for them.

Services Cost determination

A major part of the industries are not operating in the services sector. The services sector post a different challenge as the determination of the cost becomes even more difficult. We provide expertise in the determination of the cost for services and hence assist clients in coming to the best possible decision making for their business. We have developed specially designed modules for the determination of the unit cost for Software Industry, Financial Services Industry and other such few industries during our course of experience and are consistently developing similar systems for other industries as well.

Preparation of Price Quotations (based on Product or Services Cost)

Probably the most difficult decision for a manufacturer or the provider of services is the quotation for price for a given scenario. The price differs in different scenario like production over and above the present level, production after cutting down the existing levels and many such conditions. In all these conditions, the determination of price quote for a new order becomes very difficult. We provide assistance in the preparation of price quotes for our clients in the given different scenario.

Implementation of Cost Based Budgeting System

It is always better go with a budget for an industry. However, often the budgets are made on the financial system which don’t always suffice the needs. The solution to this is the Cost Based Budgetary System which takes care of the needs of the client through a cost based approach. This determines the cost overruns so that the exact position of each and every component can be determine and evaluated. We offer these services with a keen emphasis on the profitability of the client so that the objective is achieved with utmost efficiency.