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Financial Planning & Advisory Services

One of the major contributors to the success of a business is the Financial Planning done initially. A good financial planning involves not only the effective utilization of existing financial resources but also advises to keep a sufficient fund for the future requirements and contingencies. Such type of a financial discipline requires professionals to deal with.

We provide consultancy on financial planning to equip the business owners for a better financial prospect. The services include Advisory on Financial discipline and installation of adequate systems like budgetary control to maintain a steady state of affairs while providing business the adequate fuel for growth.

Fund Planning & Fund Management Services

Fund Management is of utmost importance to any organization as it acts as the biggest support for the organizational in its activities. Proper planning of fund is required to ascertain the state of business and to provide a cushion for the future activities. This kind of planning is required to make sure that the funds are available as and when required, for the planned activities.

At SPARK, we provide fund planning and management services on a routine basis. We are keen on providing the best services to the clients in this to protect the clients from financial pitfalls.

Project Report-DPR & TEV Preparation Services

Preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) or Techno-Economic Valuation Report is of utmost importance in case an organization wants to go for funding from any institution. The reports require expertise in the subject matter and a vision of the prospects of the business along with an understanding of the perspective of the institutions funding the organization.

We, at SPARK, have developed the expertise to prepare such reports over our years of experience. We prepare Bankable project reports which also explain in detail the business and the prospects therefor.

Funding Assistance

Apart from the preparation of DPR & TEV, clients also need to deal with Bank and other Institutions for the getting funds to do their business. This sometimes becomes the most important and difficult task for the client as the language spoken by both is way different with each other.

This calls for an expert intervention which can understand the concerns of both the sides and can intervene to make the funding possible. SPARK & Associates has, over its years of experience in dealing with such cases, gained sufficient exposure and repo to successfully assist the clients in their funding requirements.

Capital & Debt Restructuring Services

Sometimes, a business requires advise on financial restructuring to deal with an existing situation of crises, or it wants to change the structure from debt to equity or otherwise or even to restructure the debt structure. Any such decision requires an expert who can guide the transition and also can suggest the best possible option to go for.

We have dealt a number of such cases successfully and have advised clients in restructuring their capital positions in the best manner possible. The clients include small and medium scale enterprises.