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Accounting Services

We provide specialized accounting services to clients. The services include a number of features which are decided in discussion with the client as per their requirement.The service package differ according to the need of the client. While some clients require only a part of the accounting activity to be conducted by us in the form of specialist services, the others require a more comprehensive range of services. The services are designed as per the requirement of the clients and are delivered in both off-site and on-site models.

Fixed Assets Register Maintenance

With the applicability of the Companies Act, 2013, a lot of things have changes. A major in this concern is the change in the method of depreciation with the concept of asset life period and residual value. This has brought the requirement on a number of corporates to reconstruct their Fixed Assets Register in a way apt with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013. We have devised a whole system to help clients in making their fixed assets register. The services are provided both on a consultancy basis and complete outsourcing basis.

Fixed Assets Verification

Fixed Assets Verification is an important part of the FAR maintenance. Fixed Assets are verified periodically to keep a track of the condition and the physical existence of the assets. We provide Fixed Assets Verification services and cover all the aspects of the area to give the clients a complete solution.

Inventory Taking

Inventory taking is a periodic process in some organizations while for other organizations it is a continuous exercise. We provide inventory taking services and in all alternatives of the client’s requirement.

Payroll Processing

Often a number of organizations outsource their payroll processing work. This is done to let the experts handle the complex data and to free the organization from this exercise which only comes once a month. We provide payroll processing and payroll audit services to clients with a concern about the propriety of the transactions.

Support Functions

There are many support functions like payables management, receivables management, bank interest calculations, etc. which require the services of experts. We provide these services to our clients with perfection