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Any organization faces a number of risks during its course of operations. The risks can be classified under many headings like Transaction Risk, Strategic Risk, etc. We provide risk advisory services in the following steps.

Risk Planning & Advisory

We try to find out the areas in which the client may face risk and may incur losses. By planning the same in accordance with the operations of the client and the possibility of risk in his operations suitable advisory can be given to the client as to how the risk can be minimized and the loss arising out of the risk can be controlled.

Risk Based Audit

We generally start with a Risk Based Audit. We conduct this audit to assess the processes and systems implemented in the organization and to ascertain their viability in the present scenario with an angle of risk involved into it. This study gives us an insight into the working system of the organization and also the risks inherent in the system. This process gives a better idea of the risks involved and the possible solutions to be implemented.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Each risk bear a different magnitude and a different impact. Some risks impact financially while others have different dimensions like brand value, employee dissatisfaction, etc. It is always advised to the clients to assess the risk under different parameters so that a plan for mitigation from the risk can be made and implemented. At SPARK we provide the services of risk mitigation and mitigation to service the clients in dealing with possible problems in business.

Risk Management & Advisory

An audit and assessment of risk areas help us manage and mitigate the risk. Although risk cannot be completely avoided but the possibility of risk can be minimized and the impact can be reduced. We provide advisory Risk Management & Advisory services to help clients deal with risks in a better manner.

Revenue Leakage

A major part of risk goes to the leakage of revenue or the area of expenses where the expenses are incurred because of the lack of control measures. As a part of Risk Management exercise we provide the consultancy to implement risk control measures so that the risk and the underlying impacts can be minimized.